Jeep gathering Normandy 2014

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You can find us... watch out for this flag...


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Remembering the first big Jeep gathering near Pegasus Bridge in 2004?


People from all over the world met there, first time to meet friends from the board. Others were pulled out from the next road, didn´t know anything about that event and found themself among around 120 Jeeps on that field near that bridge. A few just followed the jeeps, which were heading all to one certain destination.


Others had a flyer behind their whipers, someone put there when the owner was on a visiting tour at one of the hundreds of special places over there.


No matter how they came . they attended the big Jeep gathering near pegasus bridge. I noticed people from the UK, Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands, France of course, Germany and and and. Great to see so many pepole standing around green vehicles.


2014 will be another Jeep gathering! Richard (Reg) and me (Ingo) decided, there should be another gathering of those, who keep the spirit of Jeeps, the liberation and freedom alive.


Saturday 7th of June will be our D-Day.


Located at the new tank museum Carentan, a central spot in the Normandy.


Between 10:00 and 14:00 on the place next to the museum. Follow the signs to the museum.


Further informations and a route description can be find here


Follow us also on Facebook or on


Have fun with some pics from the event in 2004.


If you are there WITHOUT a Jeep (it is not a shame), come along and meet us. Please park your car or military vehicle beside the event and meet us on the area.

Jeep gathering 2004

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